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    Welcome to Destiny Arabians.

First, I want to offer my apologies. My website biffed it...big time!

I am doing my best to rebuild but it has been a challenge. If you find missing or broken links and you are looking for specific information, please email me and I will try and send it to you directly.

Praying to the computer gods for a speedy resolution!

Emergency Dispersal

Divorce is forcing the sale at reduced prices of the horses listed below. Please make a reasonable offer - whatever money comes in feeds those still here. This is the end of a 28 year breeding program. If you ever wanted one of these is the time. No new foals are expected at this point. Will consider lease placement options as well.

The following is a list of the available for purchase members of my equine family here at Destiny Arabians. Click on the horse name for complete information on that horse. Some pages have a photo posted on the page and may take longer to load. I appreciate your patience.

Sales List

I am Sheila Harmon of Destiny Arabians, a breeder of fine
Sheykh Obeyd, Straight Egyptian and Al Khamsa
show and performance horses.

My emphasis is on the Pritzlaff, Babson and Doyle bloodlines.
My horses have been successful at show, endurance, pleasure
and working cattle. Raised here in the high desert rangeland
of southwestern Idaho, the horses are tough, sure-footed,
and capable. I have emphasized the need for performance
athleticism coupled with tent personalities.

I have fine Arabian horses available for sale. 

I have included lots of information & some fun things,
so check them out. Enjoy your visit to the site and come back again.


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On August 7, 2006 I lost my senior stallion DB Destiny Moniet. Thank you to all who called, wrote and expressed condolences. We had 24 years together and he was a huge part of my life, my partner and friend. Someday I hope to be able to tell "Tim" stories without tearing up, but for now, I am playing with his sons and daughters and preparing to bring a next generation into this world.

He left a hole in my heart, and a beautiful legacy in my pastures.

Sheila Harmon

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Sheila Harmon
6974 Pearl Road - P.O. Box 1180 - Eagle, Idaho 83616
(208) 866-1024 hm - (208) 863-8474 cell - 800-327-6540
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